Monday, November 14, 2016

Art Sisneros: Our first flip?

UPDATE 11/29: Art has decided to resign from his position as an elector. While we wish that he was still in the position to wield influence in the electoral college, we admire his commitment to his values and his decision to take a public stance against Trump. We hope that all the electors are thinking about their decisions as seriously as he did.

UPDATE: We received a Facebook message from Art:

Since I have been mentioned in your group as a target I thought I should stop by and send my greetings to you all. I had initially intended to respond to as many messages as I could. However, the volume of messages has left me unable to respond to everyone. I obviously am not a Trump fan. I see that you all are mostly Hillary supporters. If your group of folks will take the time to read my reasoning in the article linked on your page you will realize I also could not support Hillary either. For me, it is out of a religious conviction that I am driven to this conclusion. I don't expect you all to agree, but I hope you will understand and possibly even respect where I am coming from. I wanted to thank all of you that have sent me messages that have largely been respectful and kind. I do apologize for not being able to respond to all of them. And no I haven't made a final decision as to my electoral vote, but will attempt to make it public when I do. Thank you again!! Art Sisneros Texas GOP Elector CD36

Art Sisneros, an elector for Texas, has been very vocal about his dislike for Trump and has publicly stated that he did not vote for him last week. A reader has informed us that he's very receptive and quick to respond to messages:

He responds very quickly to FB messages on both of his pages:

It looks like he personally did not vote for Trump last Tuesday:

Electoral College CD36 TXNovember 10 at 7:51am · 
People that know me are well aware that I could not in good conscience vote for Trump on Tuesday.

Please contact him and encourage him to become our first pledged faithless voter! 


  1. According to this article, Art still remains undecided. I see that as a good thing!

    1. I'm in full support of what you're trying to do and want to call and do whatever I can to help.

    2. Awesome! Help spread the word on your FB and Twitter accounts by sharing this website! This is also a helpful article to share with your friends and family:

    3. If Art would rather not vote for Hillary, can someone ask him on his FB page if he would vote for Bernie instead and ask other electors the same question?

  2. i've already emailed two in the state pf PA and will email more of them..'the office of pres. Should never fall to one of eminent degree endowed w/the requisite gualifications of a unqualified demogogue'��founding fathers...let's do this!

    1. Out of curiosity, did any of them respond? Thanks!

    2. ...could you be so kind and note down the email addresses here, so we can also send that email to the electors of PA.
      Thank you

    3. Just go to 'flip it 37'.It will list all of the electors. Find your state and email them..

    4. If Art would rather not vote for Hillary, can someone ask him on his FB page if he would vote for Bernie instead and ask other electors the same question?

  3. Mr Art I would appreciate it very much if you would cast your vote for Clinton... It would be a patriotic gesture to make sure he doesn't get approved

    1. He might not be familiar with this website. Shoot him a message here! He might respond to you!

  4. Lets organize a March on Washington on December 18th to implore Electors in the Electoral College to Vote their conscience on Dec 19th!

  5. Let's organize a march on Washington Dec 18th to implore the Electoral College to vote their conscience

    1. I think it's Dec. 13, not 18.

    2. You mean there's a March on Washington on Dec 13th? Where is the information?

  6. Keep the list coming! It's the least we can do!

  7. He has written a Facebook post linking to an article he wrote. He is not happy about any liberals asking him to switch to Clinton and that's not what we should be asking him to do. The article is very religious and he considers Clinton and Trump to both be evil candidates. While that saddens me, I think the most important thing we can get across is not that we want Clinton (even if we do), but that we simply want someone who is not a hate-filled racist, misogynist, etc. I do think we might want to find a more respectful approach than sending long letters through Facebook messaging. If I can find an email address for him, I will post it here.

    1. A moderate, sane republican like Mitt Romney would be a good choice- alternately, Dem Electors could vote for him too, assuring a 270 majority if 37 Repub Electors will

    2. I think that's a choice for the electors. They really dislike Hillary but I think will choose someone like Mitt. This is what I'm asking.

    3. I think that's a choice for the electors. They really dislike Hillary but I think will choose someone like Mitt. This is what I'm asking.

    4. Of course he doesn't want hillary because he's RELIGIOUS and all misogynists use religion as their excuse to not put women in charge. Plus, these are the same idiots telling everyone she's a murderer that drinks blood for satanic rituals. These people shouldn't be the EC voters because they need to be locked up in a padded room.

    5. Strange you said that about being religious because Lubbock Texas Elector Scott Mann/Sandstorm Scholar in his email is also super religious. Is that some sort of prerequisite to be chosen to be in the elector college, you can quote scripture. I hope not as this country is very varied, muslim, jew, atheist etc. To think that a person's faith would sway their vote worries me.

    6. I have to agree with Mickey12 and ChristyS They might agree to vote for Mitt.

  8. Janet, I am very thankful for your initiative and information on how to confront Art. I would also be very interested in contacting him via his email. If you have a chance, PLEASE let us know what his address is. Thank you.

  9. I wrote him a short message of FB but if we can get his email that would be great.

  10. May I suggest you change the blog page to a much lighter colour? The blue is all but invisible against the black and black backgrounds tend not to be attractive to viewers.

  11. Please keep this list up-to-date and we will share to the Democrats Abroad International FB page. We'll also share with our other country pages.

  12. Forgive me if this seems insensitive --- not my intention. I know these are tense times for all who love our country. I am a Bernie supporter and in speaking with innumerable Republican friends who couldn't bring themselves to vote for Trump, I also discovered that they found Clinton an even less desirable choice --- a perspective with which many Berners couldn't agree more. Do you think there is any chance that electors might consider Bernie? I doubt we've heard the last of Hillary's potential scandals; and clearly, our nation needs healing. It is well proven that Bernie was cheated throughout the Primaries --- would he not be a fair, viable and qualified choice by the electors? At the very least, a few votes to get him to the House vote after Trump and HRC are respectively denied 270. Appreciate your thoughts and thank you for your patriotism and integrity.

    1. I am a Clinton voter, but would most definitely support Berne Sanders. I would hope the Electorial voters who don't like Trump would at least support Bernie.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. recent article about Art:

    1. Who's going to prosecute? Laws don't matter anymore with Trump. All the people in charge can do whatever they want now. Besides, I guarantee Trump paid everyone off to vote for him.

  15. My email (sent to all addresses) read as follows:

    "The founders intended the electoral college to prevent the people from elevating an incompetent or a madman to the presidency. It is time for you to do your duty and to vote for someone who is neither.

    "[my name]"

    I respect the that some electors may not want to vote for Clinton but still see NO excuse for them to not do their job!

  16. Please do not let this con artist be our next president . You are the hope of our country. Please evaluate all the issues and vote as the founders intended the electoral college to prevent the people from elevating an incompetent or a madman to the presidency

  17. Here is a FB group Americans Ask Electoral College to Not Elect Trump and also #HamiltonElectors

  18. WHY are these jerks mentioning religion? There's a separation of church and state!! Religion should have nothing to do with choosing who will run a company---why the fuck does it all of a sudden have to do with who will run this goddamn country? Aren't these the same fuckers against Muslims and ISIS taking over? These religious nutjobs ARE ISIS.

    1. Listen, my nephew wrote a book about Trump that became a best seller. He prophesied Trump was chosen by God. Now it that doesn't scare you, nothing will. Check it out. I have family in this cult. It's scary and my husband is researching moving to Portugal for the next four years. This is my husbands nephew who lives in Lakeland Fl and is a minister at Heart of The Father.

  19. You've seen the words spoken by the Alt-right, the hate stirred by Trump whose election gave these crazies 5he freedom to come out. Please don't vote for Trump

  20. It does not matter who Mr. Sisneros decides in an act of conscience to vote for, so long as he does not vote for Der Fuhrer-Elect Herr Donald Drumpf. It is doubtful we can get a consensus for any one alternative, including Hillary, in the Electoral College, so the best we might be able to hope for is to throw the election into the House of Representatives. Any result there would be better than electing the neo fascist Herr Drumpf and his white nationalist, neo Nazi, and KKK supporters represented by Steve Bannon.

  21. I received a very polite response from Sandstorm Scholar L. Scott Mann. He is a columnist in Lubbock Texas

    I don't think he will change his vote to Hilary. I got an automated email from him but it was very interesting.

    Good Citizen,

    I am sorry that, because I am receiving 8 to 10 emails a minutes at
    times, I can no longer personally respond to you. I gave up after
    about 1200. Given that the content is fairly universal, I am
    comfortable offering this universal response.

    Thank you for your communication and for your passion for the
    Republic. I prefer writers to rioters.

    Several things merit mentioning. First, you have every right to lobby
    an elector. I welcome the contact from a fellow American.

    Second, this is not a democracy, it is a republic. The corollary to
    that fact is that even if the majority did rule, there was no majority
    winner in this election.

    Many seem to not understand that a "majority" is 50% plus one. To
    date, Hillary has received a plurality, not a majority.

    Third, the Electoral College does not exist in order to give you a "do
    over" because you don't like the results; it exists to preserve the
    nature of the the republic.

    Finally, your feelings notwithstanding, it is not my duty to care one
    whit what the plurality or majority of Americans want. My job is to
    represent the decision of the winning party in the Texas Presidential

    It's not that your feelings don't matter at all, they just don't
    matter here. The law and U.S. Constitution do.

    You must know that for every person who feels you have elected the
    worst person to ever hold the office, there is another who would have
    felt exactly the same that had we elected HRC: that she is unfit for
    office and her husband has committed sexual assault.

    Nevertheless, I think it safe to say, my good citizen, you would not
    have agreed with electoral nullification of a Clinton victory. Nor
    would I.

    This is why we have elections.

    If you disagree with the electoral college concept, and some do, you
    have the opportunity amend the constitution. But elector nullification
    is not the answer.

    I will vote my conscience. You need have no fear. I have never
    intended to do anything more or less.

    If you have read this far you deserve to know that I do browse for
    responses. I read them and respond personally as time allows.

    May God bless America and may God bless the great state of Texas.

    Best regards,

    L. Scott Mann
    Texas Elector, Congressional District 19

    Postscript: Inasmuch as the Electoral College does the business of the
    People I consider all communications to be the property of the People
    and may publish some or all without notice to the sender.

    The following may interest, enrage or encourage you:

    "It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in
    princes." Psalm 118.9

    1. That guy is way off.
      Yes, we're a republic, which means we have representatives, and electors ARE representatives. But the point of having electors cast votes instead of a more automatic process is so they can override the state's decision when the people choose wrong, as in getting scammed by a demagogic conman like Trump.
      He IS supposed to consider changing his vote.
      He's NOT supposed to automatically do what his party says.
      An electoral nullification IS the answer.

  22. Post Script. I looked him up on Facebook and thanked him for his kind reply. Apparently he has gotten some awful emails with people ranting at him. Which does not help our cause.

  23. I sent out a short respectful e-mail about 84 hours ago, using MailChimp mailing list software, and it reports that out of the 129 e-mails that did not bounce, only 13 have been opened. I have received 5 replies so far, all of which indicate they won't be changing their vote.

    As e-mail doesn't seem that effective, I was wondering if there is an accurate snail mail address list? I saw one earlier, but it seems to have vanished.

    Thank you.

    1. Some of them are listed:

      South Dakota:
      Dennis Daugaard
      Office of the Governor
      500 East Capitol Avenue
      Pierre, S.D. 57501

      Matt Michels
      Lieutenant Governor
      500 E Capitol Ave
      Pierre, SD 57501

      Marilyn Ashcraft
      Ohio Republican Party
      211 S 5th Street
      Columbus, OH 43215

  24. Please go to Art Sisnero's FB page and encourage him to remain as an elector instead of resigning, which is what he says he's going to do.

  25. Art has decided to not vote for Trump! BUT, he is resigning his position as elector, so that he can be replaced by someone willing to vote for Trump.

    The best chance to actually flip a vote - is gone!

  26. America cannot have a con man as our front man.

  27. quit than faggot that's w/u soloist do best. move ur bitch ass to canada or better yet move to mexico it's closer, that's if u got the balls which i doubt. p.s. take ur liberal fag friends w/u.

    1. type o suppose 2 b socialist i'm pretty sure u liberals fags know this

    2. ah, the eloquence of a trump supporter.

  28. how about an update on this page? nothing since november 14th??? :-/

  29. Here is a tweet you can use: This Elector wont vote for Trump b/c he swore to defend the US against all enemies. Pls do the same.

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