1. Trump only has 290. What's up with 306? Am I missing something?

    1. The 16 electoral college votes from Michigan have not been added in yet. Official count currently stands at Trump : 2,279,210 votes and Clinton : 2,267,373 votes - a difference of 11,837 votes in Trump's favor. Because it is so close, the final count won't become official until the end of the month, when the Michigan Board of State Canvassers will certify the results after the county boards complete their work. Only at that point, will the election results be final. (Source:

  2. Ohio has 18 Republican seats in the Electoral College (,_2016#Republican_Party_15) but this list contains only 8, 2 of which (Bill Johnson and Kathy Miller) are not on the Wikipedia list. I'm working on a more comprehensive/accurate database ...

    1. This article contains a list of Ohio and Kentucky electors (sorry no addresses here, but at least the names should be current.

  3. For Kentucky's Mike Duncan, it has @MikeDuncan listed but going by that guy's twitter, he does not like Trump at all. I think it's the wrong Mike Duncan.
    The FB for that name seems right though.

  4. thank you for doing this - please have Huff Post update your links on their website!

  5. FYI: A few of the emails on the Master Email list aren't working. The replies I've received:

    No. I'm for Trump.


    Alex M. Triantafilou
    Dinsmore & Shohl
    255 E. 5th St, 19th Floor
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    (513) 977 8446

    Bill Conley

    This is from myself and another person to someone like you, who wants us to change our vote.
    We didn't vote for a person, because one person will fail you. We voted for one ideology over another. Are you going to teach your daughter, when she gets older, that murdering a baby in the womb is okay? My guess is, if you ask her at that age, she will say no. You couldn't pay me enough to vote for Hillary and the Democrats. It would go against everything I believe in as a Christian. So, no I would never vote for a Democrat, and certainly not Hillary. My word to vote for the winner of the general election in SC is much more important than your feelings. Feelings change, and I hope yours changes to become a true believer in Christ.

    Perfect practice makes perfect performance.


    Below in red font is the response I have been sending to the several emails received, such as yours.

    Boy have you got the process wrong. Not surprising.

    Each Elector was elected to represent thousands of citizens. This vote is not their "personal opinion". Electors will do their duty and act to complete the decision process which began on November 8 in the General Election.

    Nice try though to get Electors to place their personal opinion above the will of the people.

    Please note that, in my state, Elector voting is regulated by state law (i.e, Electors are bound by state law in regards to how each will vote).

    Also in my state, encouraging someone to violate a law is a CRIME. Since you are encouraging me to violate a state law, I have turned your email request over to the proper legal authorities for their handling as to a legal disposition.

    Good luck with that.

    Sent from my iPhone
    7th Congressional Chairman GOP
    Jerry Rovner CAPT (USNR/NJSG-ret)
    Freedom is not Free
    609 271 7796

    1. Which emails aren't working? Thanks!

    2. I just heard from Mr. Rovner too. I think the operative law is called the First Amendment. I do expect, however, to hear from the local chapter of his fraternity, the Kappa Kappa Kappas. I didn't expect we would turn anyone from the slave states

    3. Yikes. Talk about a harsh response!

  6. I got the same response from Jerry Rovner, FYI.


  8. Dennis Daugaard's website has an email contact form:

  9. Who do you think they would write in? Pence would be a different type of disaster, as would Paul Ryan.

    1. Romney and Kasich are a couple of moderate Republicans put forward in this article:

  10. Is there any way to get phone numbers for the electors? I think that email & snail mail may just be overlooked, or lumped together & given a form-reply. But if their phones ring & ring & ring, that might make a real impact. See this, written by a former Congressional staffer, about the best way to really get the attention & response from a Congressperson (which, I assume, would apply to anyone in government):

  11. Here's what I've got at the moment:

    State name phone
    Florida Blais Ingoglia 352 688 5004
    Florida Christian Ziegler 202 731 7213
    Florida Clint Pate 850 527 3900
    Florida Debbie Hannifan 863 738 6367
    Florida Joe Gruters 941 914 2004
    Florida John Browning 386328 7295
    Florida Kristy Banks 850 670 1255
    Florida LizBeth Benacquisto 239 338 2570
    Florida Michael Barnett 561 715 7833
    Florida Mike Moberley 352 302 8064
    Florida Susan Moore 850 261 4865
    Idaho Melinda Smyser 202 224 2752
    Kansas Kelly Arnold 316 660 9222
    Kansas Mark Kahrs 785 296 5593
    Missouri Jan DeWeese 636 343 5360
    Missouri Sherry Kuttenkuler 636 359 2808
    Ohio Christina Hagan 614 466 9078
    Ohio Tracey Winbush 330 720 0000
    Pennsylvania Andrew Reilly 610 566 9222
    Pennsylvania Ash Khare 814 726 2909
    Pennsylvania Carol Sides 570 326 4206
    Pennsylvania Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh 610 344 6850
    Pennsylvania Elstina Pickett 570 265 3124
    Pennsylvania Glora “Lee” Snover 610438 3319
    Pennsylvania Lawrence Tabas 215 665 3158
    Pennsylvania Mary Barket 717 234 4901 x 169
    Pennsylvania Michael Downing 717 234 4901, ext. 147
    Pennsylvania Patricia Poprik: 215 345 6811
    Pennsylvania Robert Bozzuto 717 234 4901, ext. 140
    Pennsylvania Theodore Christian 215 478 1444
    Utah Chia Chi Teng 801 422 1297
    Utah Kris Kimball 801 278 0366
    Utah Richard Snelgrove 801 530 9414, 385 468 7452
    West Virginia Ann Urling 304 549 5039
    West Virginia Bill Cole 681 265 1102
    West Virginia Mac Warner 304 741 0202
    West Virginia Patrick Morrisey 304.844.9898
    West Virginia Ron Foster 304 206 7901
    Wisconsin Dan Feyen 920 517 6029
    Wisconsin Kim Travis 62.607.0681
    Wisconsin Steve King 608 755 8162
    Wyoming Bonnie Foster 307.241.3300
    Wyoming Karl Allred 801 560 3628

  12. Try Polly Granzow at

  13. I just wanted to point out a potential error in the sample letter. I'm pretty sure Trump is NOT losing the popular vote by the biggest margin in history (John Q Adams won the election while losing the popular vote by 10.44%), but he IS currently losing by 0.62% (which is expected to go up) and that would make it the biggest margin since 1888 (Harrison at 0.83%). You might want to consider rewording that part.

  14. Also, here are the states which voted for Donald Trump that do NOT have laws against faithless electors (changing their vote):
    -North Dakota
    -South Dakota
    -West Virginia

  15. Arizonia might be willing to vote for the candidate with the majority vote. In both houses of its state legislature, Arizonia has passed the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact which says that as soon as enough States to equal 270 electoral votes pass the Compact, all those states will vote for the candidate who receives the national majority vote. They would be jumping the gun, but unprecedented times demand unprecedented measures.

  16. Updated info for Ohio elector Marilyn Ashcraft---her home address is
    621 Virginia St. Apt 7
    Marietta, Ohio 45750

    According to 2 newspaper articles, she does not like Donald Trump. Big Kasich fan... She is a RETIRED politician with nothing to lose by voting her conscience. Needs to be convinced to violate Ohio law. She needs a * by her name on the list.

  17. As far as I'm concerned, this is not about the popular vote (as much as I would like Clinton to win). If she were running against Romney (who I do not like), I would not be participating in this. Trump is vastly unqualified and unfit for this office for reasons I mentioned in the letter I plan to send to the electors - but are too numerous to mention here. I would find a Romney presidency (or Bush or Kasich) a relief in comparison.

    1. The Hamilton Electors put forward Romney and Kasich, too. You are spot on!

    2. All Congress got the below hard copy package but keep silent or lie, I would let you know !

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      Thanks for protect USA freedom !


  18. Have you gotten any responses? I got one really threatening, nasty one

  19. Oh dear, I think the PA elector's name is Gloria Snover, not Glora. Just in case someone doesn't catch that before they address something to "Glora Snover".

    P.S. Thanks for getting all this info together.

  20. I got the warning auto response from Mr Rovner as well. Any substance to that?

      re: violation of state law
      Dear Capt. Rovner,

      I understand that you are telling people who ask you to cast your Electoral College vote for somebody other than Donald Trump that you are turning their requests over to "the proper legal authorities," presumably so that they can be prosecuted for violating state law. I would like to follow up on this. Can you please tell me what state law is violated, and the name of the person or agency that will be handling the cases?

      Thank you for your help in this matter.


      Stephen Malinowski

  21. It should be noted: North Carolina and Michigan have laws that nullify electors if they don't vote for the person they're supposed to. I don't know what the ramifications of this are (whether it means that they assign alternate electors until they get one who votes the right way, or that the vote is nullified/lost).

  22. I just sent a gigantic email and I didn't BCC any of them. What will most likely happen is everyone will be responding via reply all to me and all the electorates until the end of time now. This should be interesting.

  23. Hi everyone: thanks for this amazing tool!! i am working on my letter now. What's mr. rover's email? (so i don't email him). Any other hostile emails i should avoid? I have been tweeting electors before I heard from you guys and you have made my work so much easier!! It's encouraging that so many of us are on the same page!!

  24. never mind my message above, i continued reading above and got Rover's email:

  25. So there's two electoral college members based out of WA State who made a group called the Hamilton Electors.(

    Considering this movement and the likely outcomes should they garner 270 votes (a Republican nominee chosen by the electoral college), what would the ideal letter now look like? As much as I would love HRC to be president, at this point, it's almost 'anyone but DJT.'

  26. IDEA: 270 D and R electors coordinate together and go ahead and vote for Romney on 12/19!! The next POTUS is going to be an R and he is the most sane one !!!! Lets' get #ROMNEY2016 trending!

  27. In PA, Richard Stewart is here:

    James McErlane is probably here:

    These are not on your master list.

  28. Peter Greathouse of Utah's Contact info: Peter Greathouse
    PO Box 40265
    Lynndyl, UT 84640

  29. Electors in 29 states cannot change their vote because they are bound by state law. In Michigan, for example, electors that change their vote are immediately replaced. I don't know how they do this, but it's law.

    However, in 21 states the electors are not bound by law and can change their votes. It might be wise to concentrate efforts on these 21 states. Here is a site that lists them:

  30. I believe this is the contact information for Georgia elector
    Bruce Allen Azevedo
    Phone: 706-296-3835

  31. I believe this is the contact information for Georgia elector
    Bruce Allen Azevedo
    Phone: 706-296-3835